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How HitchClip® Works

Brought to you by SAFE, the HitchClip® is your whole-house fall arrest system.

No longer do tradesmen need to access a ridge to install a fall arrest system, with the HitchClip® you can install directly from the ladder. And, due to its small size and light weight, tradesmen can easily install their personal fall-arrest system regardless of the work zone and layout of the roof.

With A Lanyard or SRL, It's Easy As...

Install with Fasteners

1. Install with Screws or Nails

Open Connector Gate

2. Open Connector Gate

Clip Into HitchClip

3. Clip Into HitchClip®

HitchClip® Staging System

And, once you install your HitchClip®, it can be used as the base attachment unit for SAFE's full line of production staging accessories.

The HitchClip® allows for you to quickly install and remove staging accessories without needing to remove any fasteners. Eliminate timely and costly break downs at the end of the job.

Watch the extended HitchClip® System Video Now >>

Staging Accessories

And With A Roof Jack or Bunk Jack, It's Easy As...

Angle HitchClip Staging Accessory

1. Position Accessory Above HitchClip®

Slide Into HitchClip

2. Slide Into HitchClip®

Insert Safety Pin(s) Into Installed Accessory

3. Insert Adjustment Pin(s) Into Installed Accessory